How To Identify A Legitimate Promotion Company

Once an artist has taken steps to establish themselves seriously in the music space, gained a small following, and compiled some releases, their next step might include reaching out to a promotion company. While most of the time, it is the artist reaching out to these companies, what happens when one of these companies reaches out to them? With little to no experience in the music marketing world, one might take the first opportunity they are given. With this little experience, artists are easily taken advantage of and sometimes completely scammed. 

Being able to identify the legitimacy of these promotion companies is absolutely crucial. As an emerging, most likely independent artist, the budget can be tight. Trusting an unknown company with a budget and product can be a massive mistake without doing some research beforehand. If a company is reaching out, not by way of a targeted ad, but personally, this isn’t a sign that the company is non-legitimate although, this translates that more research into the company should be done. When looking into these promotion companies, the best route is to inquire about the clients they’ve worked within the past. Some companies have testimonials located right on their web page. An artist should also look into the quality of the music they’re working with. If the music the company is promoting is very low-end, not just talent-wise but production, mixing, and all-around low quality, chances are the company is accepting every single artist that reaches out, overflowing their roster and not keeping a reputable name. Do these companies offer guarantees? When speaking on guarantees, if a company promises that an artist’s new release will hit 100k streams in the first week, there’s a high probability that this company is using bots to boost streams, thus ruining the chances of being chosen for a playlist placement, and doing more harm than good to an artist’s reputation.

There are all kinds of ways a company is able to promote an artist’s music, but the most important thing to make certain of is that the promotion the artist’s music is receiving, is organic. Having an influx in monthly listeners because the promotion company is running targeted Facebook ads, which draws in real, new fans who are interested in the artist’s tracks, are organic. Having a new release receive 100k streams in a week while all of the artist’s other music sits under 1000, is not. In a time where learning the value of a dollar has never been more critical, it’s important to do the research, learn the warning signs and trust that an artist’s music, is in the right hands.


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