The Importance Of A Music Video

Behind almost every great artist, is a great music video. A music video gives the listener a unique experience into the mind of their favourite artist. Whether it be displaying a new concept or telling a story, the utilization of music videos has been implemented for decades and shows no chance of slowing down. With directors such as Lyrical Lemonade’s Cole Bennett using his platform alone to break emerging artists, music videos have shown, that having an ability to entertain on camera, is just as important as being behind a microphone.

In the past, we’ve seen videos from all ends of the earth. Whether it be high-quality visuals, with a full Hollywood backdrop, or low-quality garage scenes with live performances, the message that lies within the video, and how to corresponds with the lyrics are what makes or breaks it. For example, the video by Lil Peep for “Gym Class” is not of the highest quality or budget. What propelled this video to generate over 50 million views, is the fact that the quality and setting of the video fit the song so well. The track is a mellow almost loft-type beat and the soft and easily watchable visuals, help propel the feeling of vulnerability that the artist is trying to portray. Whether the budget is large or small, the process of matching the video to the emotion of the audio is what every artist should strive for.

In a world of streaming and social media, videos are easy to come by. With the ability to shoot, edit and upload videos, all on your phone, the demand for an extraordinary video is at an all-time high, and the influx of thoughtless product is even higher. With artist’s continuously looking for ways to stand out from the crowd, music videos offer the ability to do so. Although audio snippets have been proven to gain traction, releasing a music video to a debut single can be one of the easiest ways to attract new fans. Fan interaction is something highly sought after, more engagement equals more streams, more saves, more online presence, and a higher chance of gaining playlist placements.

The number of benefits that come with having a phenomenal music video is lengthy. When speaking to the marketing side of the industry, a music video is a gigantic tool when an artist is trying to brand themselves. As image and content is almost everything in our digital age, an artist has the ability to brand and market themselves to any demographic they please. Music videos are an essential part of promoting an artist’s brand, album, or single. The cost of a music video may seem high upfront, but because the video lasts forever, it has the potential to continue marketing an artist long after they’ve completed producing any kind of content, touring, or releasing their debut project. When an artist has high-quality music videos this demonstrates to listeners that the artist has a polish to add to their reputation, a message to send, and content for fans to interact with.


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