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We're An Agency Ready To Disrupt The Internet

Cube Music Agency is a boutique music marketing and management agency designed to help musicians connect with their ideal audience.

We believe in taking great music and getting it in front of ideal listeners. Our goal is to put musicians in the best position to have their music discovered! 

Over the years Cube has built a network of resources available to help musicians succeed with their goals.

Whether you’re trying to attract new fans to your music or build a strong brand as a musician; Cube ensures we approach every project we accept from a passionate perspective, with our clients’ goals in mind.

the process

our 3-step approach

Build a custom music promotion strategy and connect to your target audience

Step 1:

We work with you every step of the way

Step 2:

Our services are only charged based on your campaign needs

Step 3:

Honest advise and feedback of your music, streaming profiles & social media pages

About us

Analytic Reporting

As marketers, we understand the value of having data for your music and brand. At Cube Music we provide valuable insights that can help you track and measure your goals. Tracking the success of your music and content is important in showing the value in your brand and music catalog for record deals, brand deals, and other music business negotiations. 

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