Do Musicians Need a Website?

In the world of music, reputation and professionalism goes a long ways. While artists are working endlessly to gain a following, land placements in blogs and playlists, one of the best tools to help them achieve this, is having their own artist website. Although social media is at the forefront of online presence, there is so much more that can be done to really have a stamp as an established artist, and optimize an artist’s SEO.

An artist owning their own website shows intent, dependability, professionalism and relays to listeners that the artist is taking their craft seriously. While owning a personal website shows all of this information, it also has many other perks. Having a website gives the artist complete control of the information and content that they wish to push to their fans. Whether it be content such as a Q&A, song descriptions, behind the scene looks, or announcements about touring/new releases. This allows fans to have a one-stop shop when looking into the artist they’re listening to. Having control of their own website, lets the artist dictate the way they want to market themselves, and their product(s). It’s common knowledge in the music space that merchandise sales are a massive revenue generator when it comes to profit for an artist. Being able to run a personalized merchandise shop, right out of their website gives the artist control to market and design these shops to their liking, this also allows fans to do all of their purchasing in the same place that they get their updates for their favourite artist. 

When it comes to the decision of choosing between hiring a web designer to optimize your website experience or following the DIY path, there is no wrong answer. Web design tools such as WIX makes the experience of designing your own website and owning the domain, relatively easy for someone with little to no web design experience. When hiring someone to design your website for you, although they are in control of putting the website together, the artist has say in any design aspects they choose. When designing a website, the genre you represent and the fans you are targeting may also affect how your website is designed. Websites such as BandZoogle offer website design services that are dedicated towards musicians and offer services to aid you in building your dream page, and launch your music career.


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