Facebook Ads for Artists

As a fan of music or someone involved in the music space, you probably come across more than a handful of sponsored posts a day. Whether that be on Instagram or Facebook, sponsored ads have become the most popular way for emerging artists to attract traffic to their music. While Instagram ads do have their perks, as almost everybody is scrolling through the platform daily, it’s been proven that Facebook has become the leader in success when it comes to attracting new fans for artists but why? 

While Instagram has a very basic and simple setup for running an ad campaign, Facebook ads for artists, on the other hand, gives the artist a lot more control when it comes to targeting who they choose to see their ad. Facebook, as we know, is used by a large demographic worldwide. The platform is filled with hardcore fans of every genre and this can be used to an artist’s advantage. During the campaign process, Facebook ads give the artist the option to split target their demographic in a plethora of ways. From targeting fans of popular artists that the artist may be similar to, to selecting the genre/genres of their choosing, to selecting the countries that use DSP’s such as Canada, Russia, Germany, etc. The campaign also allows the artist to choose different areas for the campaign to run (Facebook stories, Messenger stories, Facebook newsfeed) Facebook will automatically optimize the campaign, thus making it easier to reach fans that might like the artist’s music. This process is very trial and error but diligence is very important.

The most important thing while running these ads is to get traffic from Facebook, to the artist’s profile, thus increasing engagement, therefore, boosting the algorithm. The best tool for doing so is to use conversions. A conversion budget on Facebook is fairly cheap and is not the same as a standard link click. Leaving a Spotify link directly on the ad can lead to miss clicks, leading to someone spending mere seconds on the artist’s profile which, the algorithm does not like. Conversions can be made using a tool called Hypeddit, which is a smart link landing page for links. This tool allows the user to click the link of the artist’s choosing, which shows that their visit to the artist’s profile is genuine. Hyppedit’s pro version runs a cost of 99$ USD annually but is proven to be a successful tool for artists running ad campaigns on social media. Following the advice of YouTuber Andrew Southwood, using an audio preview on your landing page can hurt the chance of engagement to the artist’s profile. Ideally, the user is directed to the artist’s profile, thus allowing them the chance to find more music, potentially following the profile, and again, boosting the algorithm. 


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