Radio Play For Artists

As we all know, radio is slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past. In recent years DSP’s have taken over, especially in the younger generations. When riding in a car, you’re more likely to see someone reach for the aux cord as opposed to tuning into their favourite radio station. Although streaming services have taken the lead when it comes to popularity, that doesn’t mean that radio is completely obsolete, actually, it’s very important when it comes to growth for an artist. 

As with many things, there are different levels to radio. When the word radio is mentioned the first thing that comes to mind, is more likely a popular commercial station such as HOT97. Although, there are many different types of radio; such as commercial, online and college. When it comes to college radio, this has become the easiest way for an artist to get their new release, some real air time. College radio frequently takes open submissions. When they genuinely enjoy the music they receive, there’s a high chance that it may end up in their rotation. Having a plan when submitting to these radio stations plays a huge part of getting more spins for an artist’s release. Calling in advance to establish a relationship with the director of the station, having a professional press kit with a short bio attached, and following up with the station consistently until results from the submission are heard, are some of the methods that can be implemented to give the release the best shot of airing.

When it comes to pitching music to larger radio outlets such as commercial and online, the decision of hiring a radio promotion company/plugger to land the release on a commercial scale, comes to mind. Although it can be done using many DIY techniques, the upside that comes with having a radio plugger can give the artist an advantage in landing a placement. Radio pluggers have previously established relationships with many music directors, have most likely worked with these stations in the past, and carry a solid reputation which leads to a higher chance of the artist’s music being taken into rotation of targeted stations. Radio pluggers can also assure artists that listeners will be lead to their social media accounts actively giving the artist more exposure and an increased online presence. Although DSP’s are still gaining popularity, the exposure for an artist landing a radio placement is something unmatched. With millions of commuters tuning into these stations daily, the chance of an artist gaining new fans is almost guaranteed.


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