We offer a wide range of services to suit all of your music marketing needs, see below for a detailed description of the services we offer.

what we offer

Digital Marketing:

Social Media Optimization

Whether you’re planning to optimize your social channels to maximize your reach promoting your next project or trying to build your reputation by working towards a blue verification check mark; Cube can put you in the best position possible to have a strong social media presence. We know algorithms better than anyone when it comes to social media, we will use these algorithms to build a profile that will WIN when it comes to reaching fans.

Influencer Marketing

Cube’s network of influencers can bring a great level attention to your next project. Cube works with influencers on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram & Tik Tok to promote our client’s music. Influencer marketing is a great way to build an organic fanbase and aim towards building a “viral” track. Having a strong influencer campaign can quickly skyrocket you into stardom with the right song. Cube will work with you one-on-one and connect you with the creators we work with in order to bring your vision to life for your song/project.

Social Media Branding

Having your own unique brand is almost as important as your song. Cube has helped musicians of various scales of popularity build their online presence and brand. With a strong track record of building online brands Cube can help your fans see inside your world via social media. With a social media branding campaign Cube will identify your target audience and help you build an image and brand that is perfect for your ideal fans.

Web Development

Every artist/band in the modern music industry needs a website. This is a place where fans can stay connected and find all your music and social media. Cube builds strategic websites designed specifically to give your potential fans a place to find everything they need to know about you and to encourage potential fans to follow your social media pages or subscribe to your email list. Cube will work directly with you to build a website that can be easily searched as well as look great. Our band/artist websites are made to be easy to use so that you can go in and make updates and changes painlessly.

Digital Advertising

When it comes to promoting your next piece of content, single, or album it is obvious that getting new eyes in front of this content is important. Whether you are mass promoting a commercial hit song, or specifically pinpointing ideal fans for a niche sound; Cube can get the job done and ensure the best possible conversions. Each ad we run is specifically built to try to turn that listener into a fan. Cube will work one-on-one to build a plan for your campaign to ensure we drive for the strongest results possible when designing and implementing advertisements for your music. We cater to various digital campaign goals; contact Cube to try to sell merch to existing fans, promote a new album to new or existing fans, or sell tickets to your next event.

what we offer


Media Kit/Press Release

Artists will compose great music but sometimes struggle in communicating the story behind the music and their journey as an artist. With a custom Press/Media Kit you put yourself in the best position as an artist to land placements on media outlets and blogs. Beyond simply designing a Press/Media Kit, Cube will strategically plan the story behind your music to create an enticing, and exciting Press/Media Kit that will make curators and reporters want to connect with you.

Indie Blog & Playlist Pitching

Digital Streaming Services now RUN the modern music industry. A great way to build an online presence and get your music in front of potential new fans is via playlists and blogs. We measure the analytics of each playlist we pitch your music to in order to ensure we get your music in front of real listeners that are interested in your style of music. Whether you have a commercial sound that can fit perfectly on any playlist, or a unique niche sound that will be only for certain individuals; Cube can connect you with the right playlists to ensure conversions to your music.

Radio Pitching / Plugging

Beyond popular belief Radio still holds a lot of influence on how music is consumed today. Having your music on the radio at college campus’s or on commercial stations is a great way to increase the chances of people discovering your music. Cube has spent years building a network of radio stations across multiple genres and demographics that trust our music recommendations for programming. We use this network to deliver great music to stations for programming consideration.

4. Major Media Pitching

Landing blogs and indie playlists can be very important, but if you’re pushing for a Major Editorial to pick up your music there is more than meets the eye. Cube uses a specific PR approach to each Major Campaign that is designed to use Digital Streaming Service platforms and their algorithms to put your song in the best position possible for growth. We have helped our clients land various Spotify Editorial Playlists, as well as Major Media Publications such as Vice Media, Pitchfork, and Elevator. Cube will work with you to build a PR Strategy that catches the eye of these major media outlets.

what we offer


TV, Film, &Video Game Sync Pitching

When it comes to making money in the music biz, landing Music Syncs is always at the top of the list. If you have a song that we consider to be a strong candidate for TV or Film; you might have the chance to work with Cube Music Agency on landing your music into TV and Film. Sync placements can pay anywhere from $500-$200,000 depending on the placement. Submit your music for consideration here.