Why Do Blogs Matter?

In today’s day and age of digital media and social scrolling, some music fans have come to the conclusion that music blogs are outdated, dead, and less relevant than ever. With digital streaming platforms taking over and discovering new artists becoming easier, some may beg the question, why do music blogs matter today? Previously, we have touched on the importance of algorithmic play-listing and the power they can hold when promoting a release. Although, this is not the only type of playlist that can command some serious power when it comes to breaking a track. When pitching songs to editorial playlists a big determining factor that curators are looking for, is if there is any online buzz surrounding set artist. Typically when a curator is reviewing a track for a placement, they receive a report that shows any press or blog placements on the artist. If there is no online attention surrounding them, this would more likely lead to the curator passing on the release, giving it no placement on an editorial playlist. 

Music blogs can be very different from an everyday media outlet such as a magazine. These music blogs are often uncensored which means a release is going to get the most honest review possible. The directors of these music blogs are almost always genuine music lovers and constantly seeking the next new superstar. Sending out music to as many blogs as possible is the best way to generate online attention surrounding an artists music. There are blogs for every genre, in many different regions around the world, which will lead to an artists music being heard by a wide variety of fans. 

There are many ways to pitch music to a blog. Doing so independently is one route. Firstly selecting blogs that are focused on the genre the artist is involved in. Secondly, designing a bulletproof, professional, electronic press kit that contains photos, an artist bio, song descriptions, and links to the artist’s music. These pitches should be done about a month before the release of the track chosen for promotion. Using tools such as SubmitHub, which is an easy, low-cost way to submit music to many different curators and bloggers. Another way to pitch music is to work with a marketing agency such a Cube to help campaign and work alongside an artist to have their music fall in front of the eyes and ears of new listeners, quickly and professionally.


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